About Us


We are a team, placed across Kerala in 6 locations, currently delivering effective solutions for our large clientele. Red Mic employs a 4 E Value blender policy for all events and activations that we develop and organise.

The policy implies that every event we do, must either/or ENTERTAIN, ENGAGE, EDUCATE or EVOLVE the people.


Red Mic is a one stop destination for all your public event requirements. We plan & organize every aspect of the event and we take care of every single detail regarding it. We are one of the leading premier event organizers in town.


100% Delivery

We guarantee 100% on time delivery of quality services from our experienced professionals. We are bound to respond quickly and correctly.

Dynamic Nature

We are highly flexible in our doings and we are easily able to adapt according to any occasion. We assure our clients to make their event a great success.

Professional Approach

We professionally plan and execute public events with great attention to fit our clients’ needs and wants. We have got a good number of experts in action.

Creative Ideation

We bring in unique ideas and innovative techniques to resolve complex client requirements. Our brilliant formation of concepts are sure to blow your mind.

Reputable Organization

Red Mic is initiated by Kerala’s extremely reputed media force, Mathrubhumi and with its backbone support we have got numerous success stories to tell.

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