Events Details


Super 10 – Panchayath Utsav paved way to reach directly to audience and communicate their offerings. It helped the brand to deepen their brand positioning and improve their sales. Also, reaching to rural area in this festive season helped in building a goodwill for brand. It is commonly seen that brands do not go into rural areas to give out their offerings but this activity made 10 strongest of brands to reach 160 Panchayats. They were taught many things about how to take a decision while purchase and the qualities to look forward while making purchase.

Two branded vehicle has visited 4 panchayaths in the pre designated areas in a district per day. The designer vehicle carried all the required props and items to carry out fun games. Emcee made the audience play 10 games in each panchayath and every game was individually named with relation to respective brands. These games were interesting and had attracted large number of audience. The goodies by brands and other gifts were given to the audience. Also, the specially designed pamphlet entailing the details about various offering of 10 brands were distributed to audience. As this show was conducted just before the Onam season, it enhanced the sales opportunity as they were aware about the brand offerings beforehand when they were making a purchase decision. 10 brands conveyed their Onam wishes to the family of audience and this had a great impact on them as they felt very connected.