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Karshikamela has become a milestone in the state of Kerala as it has larger impact in the agricultural sector. Kerala is one of the state in India which relies largely on its agricultural products and the greenery it provides is also attractive feature for people across the globe. Recently, in the past 10 years it is noticed that people tend to move away from the field of agriculture seeking better other opportunities. We had tried to bring back that culture by educating the scope of agriculture to farmers, businessmen as well as the local audience. This exhibition showcases the continuous up gradation of technology and interrelated development in Agriculture Industry. This exhibition had also attracted many Government Organizations of Agriculture, decision-makers, experts, practitioners and trainers in agriculture, as well as thousands of visitors from all around Kerala.

Karshikamela has paved way to show case the new technologies in agriculture, bring out best agriculture products to the public, introduce and distribute the qualitative agricultural seeds, teach the farmers to utilize their potential by identifying the right market and techniques to earn more revenue and introduce about the institutions and groups that give financial assistance to the farmers. Also, it has been highly encouraging for the women and students to engage themselves in the field of agriculture.