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Mojo Rising was a two-day musical festival that changed the way people looked at music forever. Ky-Mani Marley, the son of legendary Bob Marley came down to India for the first time to perform in this fest. Many of the musical acts were highly unique for example the band called Cut-A-Vibe drew a live musical painting, band called Live Banned gave desi songs a western tadka and many believed that they showed the public the true meaning of music. Kerala is a land or art and music but music festival was never been experienced by this audience. This Festival gave the younger generation of people to groove and have fun for two continuous days. This two-day concert is still known as one of the most memorable and maybe the most pivotal moment in music history of Kerala; two days of music, 15,000 people, 16 bands performing live and the rest is history.

Mojo Rising is a music festival organized by Mathrubhumi. Mojo Rising is an annual music fest designed exclusively for live band performances. Mojo Rising season 2 was conducted in Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort. 16 bands performed in Mojo Rising for two days. The crowd was humongous in number which made the success of the musical festival. Mojo Rising already conquered the hearts of the impulsive youth and they eagerly wait for season 3 to rise up in Kochi soon.