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Federal Bank along with Mathrubhumi opened ways for young college going students with a debate competition called Speak for India. Debate sharpens student’s ability to think and listen critically, and articulate their thoughts confidently and persuasively. The ability to think critically is essential for young minds today, who are being bombarded with humanistic ideas and political agendas in movies, TV, social media, music, literature, and even their textbooks. At the very least, debate helps learners to see the power of deploying rational, reasoned arguments and compelling evidence in action. It enables them to elucidate their standpoint through utilizing rhetorical eloquence. It instills in debaters a great sense of poise and confidence. It teaches them the skills of researching, organizing, and presenting information in a compelling fashion.

This inter college competition improves the oratory and thinking ability of the students through debate competition. The activity had its successful run for six months in five different levels from Block level to Grand Finale. Speak for India had already marked its success among the colleges and student community with the past three seasons. SEASON 4 boasted to be better than any seasons before in terms of innovative ideas and concepts which made this property get a firm grip in the minds of young orators of Kerala. An era where dance, drama and singing platforms are plenty we are losing a platform where you can speak your mind out and this competition did exactly the same. 

Season 4 saw its Grand Finale in Thrissur where 8 warriors fought had verbal war and three students were selected as winners.